Innovations and patents
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Innovations and patents

First fortified door with internal body of continuous rubber shield instead of tubular frame.

First fortified door
equipped with European cylinder lock, replacing the double lock in use at the time.

Reinforced door
with powered safety lock.


Initial production of fireproof safety doors with performance certified REI 60 (according to European regulations).

First lock with reinforced swivel pin.

Application of mass produced key systems with patented keys of customised profile.

First fortified door with safety lock with self-centering
dual  slope square latch.


Patented Hinge with plate for less slack between frame and hinge
, which decreases the width between the door and frame.

Concept and production of Defender, tearproof oval with components in tempered steelchromium-nickel.


Patent of self-locking switch.


Certifications in accordance with the European standard
ENV1627/30 class 3 and 4.


with 4 adjustments.


7” color LCD display
with 2 front audio video adjustments and ON-OFF button. Allows for a clear view of the outside of the door and another possible camera.

Biometrics applied to security.

The only system that guarantees the identity of the person opening the door.
The transformation process works only in one direction and is non-reversible - from the fingerprint image to the data record/ fingertemplate, the path is irreversible.
Initially each transition (pressing of the finger) requires an imprint from a finger and not from the stored digital code.
Ekey uses an active system; this means that the user, by pressing down with his finger, voluntarily and knowingly leaves the print.


Production of “Klima”safety doors with high thermal insulating power (triple gasket).


Development and production of thresholds with thermal break floors, which function to collect and drain water in contact with the door threshold.

First Italian company to introduce the CE marking
on safety exterior doors.


Patented 3W hinge
. Adjustment in three directions.