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At the beginning of the 90’s, during the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the world’s public heard about the unequivocal impact that the ongoing depletion of resources, the increasingly high levels of gas emissions and the unstoppable polluting of world ecosystems would have on both people and the environment. Development that looks to the future must reconcile social equity, ecological awareness and economic efficiency. But it is also essential to act now. There is no time to lose.
The moment for decisive action on a worldwide scale has arrived.

Buildings dissipate roughly half of the world’s energy.

Technologies for the construction of accommodation that is more parsimonious from an energy point of view have already been available for a long time; now is the time to apply them.
Thanks to energy recovery, it is possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, produced by heating and water-heating systems, by up to 80% in existing buildings.

CasaClima is synonymous with energy efficient construction and with healthy living. In an era characterized by the continuous depletion of our petroleum and gas reserves CasaClima combines wellbeing with economic saving. It is not the architectural style but rather the energy category. A CasaClima building is defined by its energetic needs that can be calculated using a practical system. The energy certificate and CasaClima label are the backbone of the classification system while the positive image connnected with the CasaClima concept continues to attract constructors and owners.
Among building certifications, the one regarding energy efficiency, awarded by an independent authorized office, has a specific function as a document with a mark of quality. Particularly important is the fact that the energy classification of the building is established as a result of a building survey that is carried out during the entire construction phase, and not just on the basis of a simple project.

Characteristics of an safety CasaClima door

A CasaClima house is characterised by a high level of thermal insulation and a compact structure.
The sun and its heat are part of the building concept in a CasaClima house; the solar energy is conserved thanks mainly to insulating windows that attract light inside yet don’t allow heat to escape. Where it is possible, thermal bridges should be avoided. CasaClima houses are also distinguished by their strong design, accurately planned to offer maximum comfort. Fortified doors, a fundamental element of a CasaClima project, must have the following characteristics:

  • a high level of thermal insulation
  • hermeticity
  • absence of thermal bridges
  • constructed with eco-friendly and recyclable materials