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"Inside the door" has always been Gasperotti’s guiding philosophy. The entrance door is built using top quality materials that can be perfectly integrated into a home automation system with high energy efficiency. All technological components are tested and certified: burglar-proof security, sound proofing, excellent thermal transmittance properties, air and water tight, wind resistant and fire proof. The range of models available allows choice of an entrance door with topof- the-range technical and aesthetic features. Always elegant, efficient, longlasting and eco-friendly.
The spirit of every Gasperotti door contains all of the passion, experience and research developed by 4 generations of builders of ideas.

altSecurity and protection RATING 3
Can resist burglary attempts measured through stress analysis using static and dynamic loads and simulation of intrusion using manual tools such as crowbars, screwdrivers, pliers, etc., with a maximum test duration of 20 minutes.

altSecurity and protection RATING 4
Can resist burglary attempts measured through stress analysis using static and dynamic loads and simulation of intrusion using manual and electrical tools such hammers, chisels, axes, shears, electric drills.., with a maximum test duration of 30 minutes (rating 4 has four times higher security than rating 3).

altSound proofing
Measured in Rw dB and representing the capacity to impede the passage of sound through the entrance door (acoustic insulation). The higher the value indicated, the better the acoustic insulation (doubling with every 2.7 dB). The equivalent value in dBA would be 5 to 10 points higher.

altThermal insulation
Indicated in Ud (U door), or the resistance of the assembled door and frame measured in (W/m2k). This is the capacity of the entrance door to impede heat transfer between two spaces it separates. The closer to 0 the value, the better its capacity to impede heat transfer. If values are indicated only in “U” they are to be considered generic and should be checked against the test certificate.

altAir tightness
Permeability to air is measured in ratings 0 to 4 indicating the ability to impede the passage of air through the entrance door. The higher the rating, the better the door’s air-tightness.

A unique feature of Gasperotti armoured entrance doors is the fact that they are built up in layers, allowing combinations yielding endless aesthetic solutions for interiors and exteriors (see Style catalogue).

altFire resistance
The reference values are EI215, EI230, EI260, EI290, EI2120, where E is the entrance door’s level of resistance to the passage of flames, I the thermal insulation value, and the numeric value (15-30-60...) the length of time for which the entrance door can retain levels E and I.