The perfect door

Nowadays, a door must be safe in order to be defined as perfect. It should be able to update the most advanced closing technological systems. It should be functional, namely, it should be able to increase its isolating and acoustic performances. It should be elegant with the possibility to change its covering to meet every technical and aesthetical choice.
Gasperotti - Identikit porta perfetta
  • Safe
  • Functional
  • Elegant


As for every producer of armoured doors, safety has a primary role in the study and in the realization of the product. The constant research of new materials and technologies allows us to keep not only a high safety standard, but also to keep it always updated.
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For Gasperotti, a door can be defined as functional when it is able to combine safety, home comfort, technology at the user’s service, durability in time and sustainability.
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The armoured door is also an important furniture piece, which must be studied in its exterior aspect to be in harmony with the style at home or in the office.
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