Gasperotti since 1945.

Gasperotti is rooted in Trentino Alto Adige, a territory which has always shaped and conditioned the actions of people living there. For this reason, the company is proud of its Middle-European vision, the result of the union between the culture of doing with the technical expertise, typical of Middle-European countries.
  • 1945

    Felice Gasperotti

    Thanks to the founder’s experience, Felice, who worked in the aeronautic workshops Caproni in Milan in the thirties, the company Gasperotti was born in 1945, an engineering company of nineteenth-century artisan tradition, featured by creativity, passion and innovation.

  • 1965

    The first plant

    The production site in Pomarolo (Trento) was realized in 1965. Nowadays, this is a laboratory for prototypes,  school of installation and material tests. At that time, heavy carpentry was of the utmost importance in the production of trellis for electrical lines, antennas, metal ladders, fencings, etc.

  • 1975

    The first armoured door by Gasperotti

    In 1975 the production in series of armoured doors with the model C began. These had a double-sided closing and an optional service European cylinder, while the production of metal doors and windows goes on.

  • 2000

    Inauguration of the site in Rovereto

    In 2000, the founder Felice Gasperotti, together with his sons Renato, Riccardo and Gianmario inaugurated the new production site in Rovereto, which extends on an area of 8,000 square meters. The new plant starts with an automated production line which leads the company from an artisan size to an industrial one.

    • A patent, a seal and a kit.

      Genius, CasaClima, Avantgarde: Three elements making our doors much more safer and of higher quality.

  • 2010

    Expansion of the plant and new automated line

    In  2010 the plant in Rovereto is expanded and the production capacity increased a lot with the purchase of a new totally automated line, which can produce 15 models in the catalogue.

  • Nowadays

    The innovation goes on

    Now the armoured door has become a heap of applied technology for safety and home comfort.
    Thanks to the application of the most modern technologies for home automation, it is possible to equip your door with opening systems without keys and with systems of proximity control, managed by your Smartphone or tablet. Gasperotti is engaged in “Green”  planning, aware and respectful towards environment during all the life of the door, included its eventual sorted disposal.