The armoured door Gasperotti has been produced to last in time. Its duration and functioning depend on the correct use and the periodic maintenance. There are some advices to follow to have always an efficient door, such as cleanliness of the key, of the panels, of the handles; lubrication of the hinges and of the cylinder, etc.

Care of your door.

Our company supplies customers with a kit of cleaning products and lubricants for the care of the door, the ordinary and exceptional maintenance of the panels and the door mechanisms.

In case of abrasions on painted panels, the retouching product supplied and advised by Gasperotti is used to restore the painting protection of the painted panel. The extraordinary maintenance of the retouching has to be carried out every time it is necessary, namely when the parts of the surfaces of the panel are peeled due to any impacts and/or deep scratches.  Please follow the same procedure with the retouching of the framework with the specific paint brush supplied with the Kit.

Replacement of coverings and accessories

The armoured door gives the possibility, when necessary, to directly replace on site the internal and/or external coverings without causing any inconvenience.

Accessories such as handles, push handles, mouldings, peephole, etc are easily replaceable in every time.