Our doors.

Door has always been our passion.

Gasperotti, during its activity,  has helped with its products to give safety and serenity to thousands of customers. For some years, in consideration of the high quality standards required by modern houses, we have introduced a series of performances which make Gasperotti multifunctional doors, the best we can find today in the market.


The perfect door?


Such as for every producer of armoured doors, safety has a paramount role in the project and in the realization of the product.

The constant research of new materials and technologies allows us to keep not only an elevated standard of security, but also to keep it always updated. Please find here below a short description of the main features of safety elements.

  • Burglar-resistant

    All Gasparotti armoured doors have been tested and certified in our laboratory to grant the maximum protection and safety against any burglar attempts. Their resistance capability is measured through the stress with static and dynamic loads and the simulation  of break-in attempts with different types of tools, either manual or electrical.

  • Fire-resistant

    In addition to the protection against any burglar attempts, in some cases customers require also the protection against fire. In order to comply with this request, Gasparotti proposes two models with certification of fire resistance of 30 minutes (Fire 30’) or 60 minutes (Fire 60’)

  • Defender

    Defender is the protection system located in front of the European cylinder on the external side of the door. The architectural features of this element, such as the nickel-chromium anti-drill steel and the revolving key hole in ballistic steel projected to cause any perforation attempts useless, avoid any attempt intended to damage the lock.

  • European cylinder – multilevel keys

    All Gasperotti doors are equipped with an European cylinder, available also with exclusive anti-duplication Gasperotti design, to obtain the maximum safety and control of the copies. It is possible to supply cylinders with combined multilevel keys, which allow the use of a single key for more locks (For example. The same key for the entrance of the flat, for the private garage, for the cellar and for the common entrance).


The perfect door?


For Gasperotti, a door is functional when it combines safety, home comfort, technology at the user’s service, durability in time and sustainability.

  • Resistance to atmospheric agents

    Gasperotti armoured door is not only safe. It grants a series of performances such as the acoustic and the thermal isolation, the resistance to air, to water and to the wind stress and, when necessary, to fire. All these performances make of Gasperotti armoured doors a multifunctional product, capable to grant a unique home comfort.

  • Automation

    Thanks to the application of the most modern technologies for home automation, it is possible to equip your armoured door with opening systems without key, managed by the best biometric systems, Bluetooth and Rfid proximity control, controlled by your Smartphone or tablet. Home automation systems are in line with the current modern architecture and are very useful to elderly or disabled people.

  • Durability

    The durability of a door is an intrinsic value difficult to determine, which is however necessary to take into consideration before the purchase, according to your own requirements. In order to evaluate the duration of its doors, Gasperotti has projected and built systems and machineries, which submit the door to a continuous series of opening and closing cycles and can evaluate the reaction of the product to stress. In other words, these evaluate how long the door can keep its functionality in time before any adjustment operations are needed.

  • Sustainability

    At the beginning of the ‘90s, during the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the effects on people and on the environment of the growing exploitation of resources, the very fast increase of greenhouse emissions and the relentless pollution of worldwide ecosystems  were shown unmistakably. A development with an eye to the future must assist social fairness, respect for the environment and economic efficiency. However, it is essential to take action rapidly. We have no more time to waste. It is time to act steadfastly worldwide. Buildings waste almost the half of global energy. Technologies to build more energetic-saving houses are available since long time. It is now time to apply them. Thanks to the energetic reconditioning, it is possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions issued by heating and by the systems for the production of hot water up to 80% in the existing buildings. For this reason, Gasperotti has been producing doors for many years, which grant these standards. These doors grant safety and home wellness to their proprietors for many years. However, today we have to think to future generations who will pay the cost to waste the products of our buildings. For this purpose, Gasperotti’s main priority is the possibility to divide its products in primary substance which is totally recyclable to give new life to the composing elements.


The perfect door?


The armoured door is also an important furniture piece, which has to be studied in its exterior aspect to be in harmony with the style at home or in the office.

  • Shapes and dimensions

    Gasperotti can realize not only doors with one shutter, but also glass doors, arch doors, doors with fanlight opener, double wing rotating doors with artisanal care to comply with any architectural requirement. With the model Amplia, Gasperotti has complied with modern requirements to have wide openings in a modern design.

  • Coverings

    The artisanal care of details give signature aesthetical results, the outcome of the combination of different materials such as the metal of the finishing combined to the warmth of the wood or to the modernity of ceramics, etc. This allows us to find original solutions, capable to speak new languages in internal and external furniture.

  • Accessories and finishing.